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The Digital Marketing Idea strives at all times to ensure that all of the information that it provides on its website digitalmarketing.net and via email correspondence, is up to date, informative and relevant. Indeed, DMI takes great pride in knowing that the service it provides is of the highest quality with regards to access and information.

However what should be noted, is that Digital Marketing Idea cannot guarantee the accuracy or the reliably of information that is posted onto the site. Most importantly DMI want to stress that they are not liable for any losses that an individual may suffer from, as a result from reliance on the information that they have provided. Information on the site can be altered at any given time, without prior warning. Therefore Digital Marketing Idea can accept no responsibility for any losses occurred from the information that is provided.

DigitalMarketingIdea.net  is realistic and tries to elicit information from reputable and reliable sources, however they remain explicit in explaining that any information gathered and shared on the website, DigitalMarketingIdea.net ie web, or any links associated with the website, may not be entirely accurate, complete or from reliable sources. Therefore, DMI is not responsible or liable for any services or materials that are published outside of the control of DMI.

Digital Marketing Idea also explicitly states that there is no guarantee that access to the site will be error free, and that difficulties may be encountered with regards to accessing the site. However, DMI states that any errors will be corrected as quickly as possible. DigitalMarketingIdea is not also responsible for any viruses that may occur or any other harmful computer malfunctions while accessing the site.  Lastly DMI is not responsible, and there is no guarantee that you will find successful or accurate information from this site.

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